Vehicle Class Identification Via Footprint Pressure


The existing systems count the number of vehicles on the road by measuring the number of air pressure spikes experienced by a rubber tube that lies across the road. This project aims to improve this system by analyzing the pressure signal to determine the type of vehicle and its speed. The knowledge of the type of vehicle and its speed is useful in a number of applications, such as highway traffic modeling, highway safety, etc. In this project the classification of construction vehicles will be the primary focus. This will create an easy to use and accurate record of vehicle movements in and out of job sites and material yards. By tracking the type of vehicle and its direction it is possible to track the number of loads (eg. Fill, A gravel, B gravel, stone, etc.). Different vehicles are designed for different load capacities. Therefore being able to identify the type of vehicle will make it possible to more accurately estimate the total volume of material being moved to and from job sites. This can compliment the hand kept records which can be lost or incomplete.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lian Zhao


Thomas S. Behan


Behan Construction Ltd.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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