Vehicle Dynamics Modelling and Simulation for Use in the Development of a Self-Healing Auto Cyber Security System (SHACS) Proof-of-Concept

Vehicles rely on small computers located in various places. The electronic signals sent between these computers must be dependable. However, currently these signals can easily be hacked which threatens the vehicle and the people in and around it. A project is underway, involving Akimbo Technologies Inc., Solana Networks Inc., and the Carleton University Applied Dynamics Laboratory to develop methods for protecting vehicles from this threat. To support this work, the current project is developing computer programs that can be used instead of real vehicles and drivers to help develop and evaluate these methods. This project will help the industrial partners by allowing them to test their work without the safety risk and expense of doing the tests in real vehicles with real drivers. Expertise in this area will improve safety for Canadians and lead to economic growth as this work turns into commercial products and opportunities for the industrial partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Langlois;Fidel Khouli


Nabil Ahmed;Karim Youssef





Transportation and warehousing


Carleton University



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