Viability of fiber optic sensors for borehole measurement of in-situ stresses and stress change monitoring

This project will support efforts to develop a new instrument and techniques to measure the state of stress in the ground. This is a key parameter used in the engineering design of underground mines, tunnels and boreholes for geothermal and shale gas extraction. Existing techniques suffer from reliability issues and it is proposed to use new fiber optic technologies to more reliably measure stress. The intern for this project will work towards a proof of concept, which will later lead to development of a prototype instrument and possible commercialization opportunities. This research will benefit the project partner (Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering), who collaborates with other partners in the mining industry to deliver innovation that can lead to safer and more productive mines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Erik Eberhardt


Rob McMillan;Sepidehalsadat Hendi



Geography / Geology / Earth science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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