Virtualization-based applications for cloud computing in biomedical research


The project will involve research and development of new technology for distributed computation, with a focus on applications in computational biology and bioinformatics as routinely encountered in our own lab. This research will be conducted using Copper, GridCentric’s grid computing platform, which is based on a previous research system developed at the University of Toronto called Snowflock. Snowflock/Copper allows highly flexible and dynamic use of computer hardware resources by rapidly creating identical copies of virtual machines configured to work in parallel on distributed workloads. Our project is expected to generate results in systems software research which will be of direct relevance to the technical advancement of GridCentric’s products. In addition, the project will involve real-world case studies in our computational biology lab which may be leveraged to build products better targeted at customers in related fields, both academic and commercial.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Brudno


Joseph Whitney


GridCentric Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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