Visual Analytics for Financial Risk Year Two

The second project also relates to the application of VA to financial systemic risk analytics. The report on the NSF-funded workshop on Next-Generation Community for Financial Cyberinfrastructure for Managing Systemic Risk identifies the need to develop robust simulations and computational models in order to manage systemic risk. Many of these are in the form of financial network analyses which combine network analytics with data visualization. Though there are already many examples of how network analysis and visualization are being used to gain new insights into the behaviour of financial networks in order to better understand financial systemic risk, so far there is no common framework for financial network visualization. Thus, the aim of this research will be to develop a conceptual framework for the visualization of dynamic financial networks as a first exploratory step to development of a technical financial network visualization framework. A Framework would assist a user in determining the display type that would best suit the task at hand using the available data, and in discovering whether there is an available application that would produce that kind of visual display from the data that the user wishes to produce.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brian Fisher


Payam Rahmdel


AppNovation Technologies Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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