Visual Histories of Decision Processes for Business Intelligence: Part 2


In contemporary professional work, particularly group work, knowing what has been done, and why it was done, is often crucial to a project’s success. Further, people naturally wish to remain in the “flow” of their work – they are reluctant to pause to record work and decisions. Yet most work and project management software require significant effort to use and provide only minimal tools for supporting review, reflection and reporting of such histories. The goal of this research project is to devise, prototype and test efficient work recording and dynamic visual histories and linked repositories for collaborative decision making. The partner company’s core enterprise is software tools for complex tasks in organizations. The company will benefit through new concepts for managing group work and its histories. This will yield new insights into their current and future products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lyn Bartram and Dr. Robert Woodbury


Karine Kozlova


SAP Business Objects Division


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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