Visual Inspection UAV in Harsh Environments and Confined Spaces

Preforming regular visual inspections is essential in up keeping structures. These inspections are used to identify defects at an early stage before they pose a major threat. Unfortunately, these inspections require scaffolding or hiring a boom to access certain areas. Other areas are tight and put the worker at risk. The use of visual inspection drones, specifically tailored for confined space, provide an excellent tool to perform these inspections. Throughout this research project we will be testing and analyzing how these drones perform/withstand different harsh environments. These environments include: extreme temperatures, high moisture, acidic vapour. Initially, we will test the subcomponents individually, then proceeding to testing the drone as a whole. Ultimately, we will provide our partner will a fully functional confined space visual inspection drone able to operate in harsh environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hadi Mohammadi


Keaton Roch


Redwood Engineering


Engineering - other


Construction and infrastructure




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