Visualization of manufacturing complexity highlights on CAD file

Currently, the service provided by GRAD4 allows online storing and sharing of computer-aided design (CAD) models. However, there is no interface developed for visualization of CAD models in the service in a fast and comprehensible way to the users: both manufacturers and buyers. The main challenge of such implementations is in relatively high computational cost of such visualizations via tools used for web-development: while a regular PC handles such task efficiently, web-based tools have means insufficient for similar performance and, thus, mostly involve cloud computing. Based on this, it is proposed 1) to investigate various approaches for geometric representations of CAD models on a web-page; 2) to develop a framework and an approach for visual representation of CAD models; and 3) to implement the approach either in a software prototype or as a plug-in for an existing online geometric modeling tool.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yaoyao Fiona Zhao


Nikita Letov




Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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