Visualization of the cool-flame and hot flame combustion process within the IQT™

There is an interest in the optical determination of the combustion process within the IQT™. This would be performed using optical probes integrated within the IQT™. From these probes, the location of the cool-flame and hot combustion process will be identified for different fuels within the IQT. Along with the location of combustion, the ignition delay will also be measured using the chemiluminescence of the combustion products and will be compared to the actual IQT™ method of ignition delay determination using pressure transducers in the combustion chamber. This work will also be beneficial to researchers using the IQT™ to validate chemical kinetics models of novel fuels. They will now be able to compare the cool-flame ignition point of their models to measurements performed within the IQT™.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Edgar Matida


Stephane Daviault


Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET)


Engineering - other


Aerospace and defense


Carleton University



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