Visualizing information in situ with 3D photorealistic environments

Advances in computer graphics and display technology have brought new opportunities to create stunning visual effects and interactive experiences.Industry concerned with data visualization is seeking to incorporate these advances into their visualization pipelines. For example, our industrial partner LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. attempts to present abstract data situated in 3D realistic scenes. However, most research in information visualization assumes that the environment is a simple, abstract, monochromatic 2D plane. We know little about whether the guidelines from information visualization apply to these complex environments, and without clear guidelines, spontaneous attempts by the industry risk repeated work, resulting in unnecessary cost and efforts.In this project, we will tackle this challenge by 1) understanding the advantages and disadvantages of representing data with 3D rendering techniques, compared with traditional abstract visualizations; 2) designing visualization techniques to effectively present data in realistic 3D environments; and 3) evaluating visualization techniques to quantify their efficiency and usefulness for data analysis in these environments. We will contribute to the academic community by generating knowledge, and to industry by devising guidelines for visualizing abstract data in situ with 3D photorealistic environments. Research outcomes will be commercialized into products to enhance our industrial partner’s competitiveness globally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Charles Perin


Xiyao Wang


LlamaZOO Interactive Inc


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


University of Victoria



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