Vital signs monitoring at home using the pulse oximeter utilizing analog sensors on a mobile device

The research project will develop key algorithms that enable pulse oximetry, on a smartphone, to be used effectively as a device for monitoring the function of heart and respiratory system at home. LGTmedical has developed a pulse oximeter that utilizes inexpensive clinical sensors driven by software running on a smartphone, sending the driving signals through the audio port. This technology already operates with clinical accuracy for uses in spot-check monitoring of blood oxygen and heart rate. In order to work properly for monitoring the heart and breathing function, significant changes in signal processing and analysis must be developed to measure respiratory rate and arterial constriction along with blood oxygen and heart rate. The interns have specific skills and experience that will allow them to develop unique solutions that work effectively within the LGTmedical smartphone framework.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guy Dumont


Parastoo Kheirkhah Dehkordi



Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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