Water Issues in First Nation Communities

The world is facing a global water crisis, but the developing world is not the only one with a lack of access to safe drinking water; it is also an issue in many communities across Canada – particularly on First Nations Reserves. It should be a priority for Canada to reach 100% access to clean drinking water. In the context of the recently approved Plan for Action for Drinking Water in First Nation Communities (March 2006) with the agreement of the AFN (Assembly of First Nations) and INAC, the main objective of this investigation is assessing actual water treatment requirements in Treaty 7 reserves (Southern Alberta) and identifying potential water treatment solutions. These will potentially be provided by OASIS Filter International Ltd. Being the aim mainly technical, other aspects such as social, cultural, and economic will be considered in order to involve the community in decision making process and provide advice regarding potential financial support to improve water infrastructure in the reserves. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael S. Quinn


Susana García-San Román


OASIS Filter International Ltd.


Resources and environmental management


Environmental industry


University of Calgary



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