Web based avionics certification management for bus design

Aircraft/Avionics System certification is awarded by aviation regulatory bodies to applicants after they have demonstrated that the design of the system meets airworthiness requirements. Airworthiness requirements are a complex set of requirements, standards, and regulations. Demonstration of compliance to airworthiness requirements can be accomplished through testing, reviews, similarity of installation and/or usage and other means. Certification is, therefore, a complex and expensive process that involves designers, project managers, certification authorities, testers, aircraft, test benches, and other systems.

Marinvent is conducting a research program on a new Flight Management System (FMS) guidance algorithm to improve en route performance for its aircraft. Marinvent CertPro, a web based application to help managing certification programs will be used as a supporting tool for certification of the FMS en route algorithm.

Expected benefits for Marinvent are the ability to participate in cutting edge research programs once the FMS research program will be completed, and to propose CertPro as a certification management software product to the worldwide market, positioning Canada as the world leader for those technologies that have no competitor for the moment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Yuhong Yan & Khashayar Khorasani


Najmeh Daroogheh, Bahareh Pourbabaee, Iman Saboori, Min Chen, Rohit Patidar & Kushal Mehra




Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Trent University



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