Weed Classification and Density Estimation for Variable Rate Herbicide Prescription

Precision agriculture is the technique to replace the traditional farming methods in order to sustainably improve the crop productivity without adversely impacting the environment. Precision agriculture is the solution to our growing food needs. CropPro consulting generates SWAT maps using soil, water, and topography information which divides the agriculture land into multiple zones. Each zone has its own requirement in terms of fertilizer, water, nutrients, etc. The objective of this project is to apply computer vision and machine learning techniques develop methods for weed detection and classification along with the weed density estimation. The weed information will be consolidated with the SWAT maps and variable rate site-specific herbicide maps will be generated. Variable rate herbicide usage will reduce the overall usage of chemicals which will result in better profitability for farmers and lower environmental impact.

Faculty Supervisor:

Abdul Bais


Mohana Das


CropPro Consulting


Engineering - other






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