Wind Turbine Power Curve Modelling for Reliable Power Prediction Using Isotonic Regression and Different Loss Functions

Electrical power generation based on wind energy has been one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources. An important area of research in wind energy is to find different ways to improve the power reliability of systems. Modeling wind turbine power curve using past data is often used as an efficient way to use empirical power curve instead of manufacturer company power curve.
As wind-power data are often so noisy, fitted wind turbine power curves could be very different from the theoretical ones that are provided by manufacturers. For example, most wind turbine power curves are monotonic for a specific range of speed, however, fitted models do not necessarily have this property. In this research we first develop methods for fitting wind turbine power curve models that preserve the monotonicity of the curve. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Jafari Jozani


Mehrdad Mehrjoo



Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Alternative energy




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