Wireless Asset Tracking and Locating System

Proposed research project consists of finding a suitable solution to the problem of tracking assets in environments with different constraints. The solution is expected to include the development of geolocation algorithm and then based on the algorithm creating schematics of several modules with transceivers, embedding of required low level software to the selected microcontroller controlling the transceivers, developing high level software for server side data management and client side monitoring and control. The design of the modules hardware parts requires knowledge about electronic design. Multiple coding languages such as C to run on microcontroller, Java and Python to run on server and client side and Matlab for simulation, will be used to complete the project. If the prototyping and testing succeeds, the company will have the research and development work done before creating a finished product ready for production.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Abbas Yongaçoglu


Kerem Karatas


Technical Solutions Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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