WP 3.2.2 – Automated Log Analysis

Ciena is a Canadian company leader in engineering and manufacturing networking systems and devices. The company has around 5,000 operable products in its portfolio. The vast majority of Ciena products generate logs during the boot up and the mission mode operations from the various tasks running on their real time operating systems. The company wants thus to increase its software’s capabilities in order to be able to collect any type of log data generated in the production site and linked to other external information to extract actionable knowledge. In this setting, the general goal of the proposed “Automated log analysis” project is about providing Ciena advanced log analysis capabilities, data mining tools and machine learning algorithms to support its product manufacturing operations during new product introduction and production phase as part of the product life cycle as well as for field returns failures analysis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Naouel Moha


Fares Ben Slimane


Ciena Corp.


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Université du Québec à Montréal



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