Youth Bullying and Cyberbullying in a Canadian and Indian context

This comparative research explores the subject of bullying among youths in two major cities of New Delhi, India and Toronto, Canada. This research aims to compare the resources available to youths in India and Canada in regard to bullying awareness, cyberbullying, and its prevention methods. This research will compare the experiences of two socially and culturally distinct populations with the issue of bullying among high school youths. For the purpose of this research, I will conduct series of interviews with NGOs, journalists, governmental authorities, and high school youths in India who are affected with the subject of youths, bullying, and cyberbullying. This research will offer Canadian bullying-prevention scholars a novel perspective on the issue of bullying among Indian high school youths In addition, this research offers the Indian high school youths and community’s anti-bullying activists a novel method to deal with this phenomenon.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Drache


Shila Khayambashi



Political science



York University


Globalink Research Award

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