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Mitacs Skills for Innovation

The Mitacs Skills for Innovation project will deliver a series of reports examining the skills needed for different innovation activities in the Canadian economy. The project leverages Mitacs’s unique ability to survey employer organizations and interns involved in a wide array of innovation projects and offers granular insights into the specific skills required by individuals and organizations for different kinds of innovation, as well as their different stages, and activities.

In the first report of the Skills for Innovation series, Creig Lamb and Dr. Daniel Munro (Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship and Shift Insights) provide clarity on the technical and professional skills needed for different kinds of innovation. Their examination of the survey responses of organizations and interns involved in Mitacs programming about the skills needed to innovate further reveals several critical skill gaps in the Canadian economy. These insights are used to develop a set of recommendations for employers, workers, and skills training organizations designed to sharpen Canada’s skills advantage and improve its innovation performance.

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Available for download June 20th, 2022



Mitacs Innovation Intermediaries

The Mitacs Innovation Intermediaries project will provide an in-depth look at how Mitacs works in practice to support research and innovation through academic-industry collaboration. Innovation intermediaries are actors in innovation ecosystems that support collaboration between two or more parties, during various stages of the innovation process.

The project provides a new opportunity to bring together the collective knowledge, wisdom, and experience of Mitacs experts across Canada, to offer a fresh understanding of “what works” when mediating and enabling academic-industry innovation in practice. Project insights will also be informed by the views and experiences of academics and businesses who have received Mitacs support.

This is the first of two reports on innovation intermediaries. It examines the “what, why, and how” of innovation intermediaries: what they are, why they play a role in supporting innovation, and how they function. It draws on examples of intermediary practice in Canada, with a particular focus on their role in supporting collaboration between Canadian academic institutions and organizations. 

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