Mitacs Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Animals

Mitacs wishes to promote and fund research that is conducted according to the highest ethical standards. Mitacs has therefore adopted the standards set by the Canadian Council of Animal Care. As a condition of funding, Mitacs requires that its researchers and participating universities apply the ethical principles and articles of this policy.

Review Process

  • Each research and internship proposal received at Mitacs must include a disclosure whether or not the proposed research involves animal subjects. Mitacs will not consider any proposal that does not include the above mentioned disclosure.
  • Research and internship proposals that involve animals must be reviewed by the Participating University Animal Care Committee. 
  • A valid approval is required for the duration of the research project. Access to funding may be denied for projects that do not have approval according to the Participating University Policies. Mitacs reserves the right to request a copy of the report to ensure compliance.
  • If the Participating University Animal Care Committee rejects a proposed project or terminates an ongoing project involving animal subjects, the project will not be funded or will no longer be funded by Mitacs. In such cases, Mitacs’ decision will be communicated to academic and partner organizations involved.