I am a student with a project idea but no industry partner. Can Mitacs help me find a company?

Mitacs works to connect industry with the most appropriate university expertise to solve challenges identified by the company.  With the large number of potential interns seeking industrial partners, Mitacs cannot offer individualized matching to a particular researcher. However, you can consult our suggestions in the Getting Started section on the Apply Now page.

Can I complete my full internship at the University and interact with the company virtually?

Normally interns are expected to spend at least 50% of their internship with the company at their site(s).  If your host company is in a remote location or there are other unique circumstances that challenge the interaction, you may request flexibility for a lower ratio of interaction with the company.  Please consult with your business development representative while writing your proposal.

Can I hold both an Accelerate and a tri-council (or provincially) funded studentship or fellowship?

Although Mitacs does not have any restrictions, many other granting agencies do not allow fellowship and studentship recipients to hold certain grants concurrently.  Please check with the relevant council or agency for current information regarding your specific grant prior to applying.

What kinds of organizations can participate in Accelerate?

Accelerate is open to both for-profit businesses and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations, such as industry associations, charitable organizations, and economic development organizations. Projects with an NFP partner must demonstrate an economic or productivity orientation, which is determined by Mitacs prior to application submission. 

All Accelerate partner organizations must be Canadian or a Canadian location of a foreign-owned organization. They must also have an office or site where the intern(s) undertakes at least 50% of the internship.

If you’re not sure if a partner is eligible, contact a Mitacs representative or accelerate(at)mitacs.ca.

My internship has been approved. When will the funds be available?

The research grant cannot be directed to the University until the industrial contribution has been delivered to MITACS.  Please allow 2 weeks from the date of approval or the date that the industrial funds are received (the latter of the two) before contacting the Grant Administration personnel who provided your notice of acceptance.

Can I do an internship outside of Canada?

Host companies must be either Canadian or a multi-national company with significant Canadian operations.  Although some components of the research may be conducted outside of Canada, the primary partner contacts and most of the intern’s time with the company must be at the Canadian location.

Who owns any Intellectual Property generated during the course of an internship project?

Mitacs takes no position on intellectual property.  Intellectual property is left to be shared between the university, their researchers and the sponsoring company according to the intellectual property rules of the host university, unless a separate agreement is negotiated between the university, their researchers and the sponsoring company.

What can we spend the $5000 flexible research funds on?

Mitacs funding follows NSERC guidelines. A detailed description of eligible expenses is available on the NSERC website.

My internship proposal was not approved. Do I have any recourse?

Applicants wishing to appeal the decision of the Mitacs Research Council (MRC) on their internship application may send a letter of appeal to the MRC Chair (Mitacs Associate Scientific Director) by email to mrc-chair(at)mitacs.ca. Appeals must be received within 90 days of the notice of decision and must include the original signed proposal.  Appeals are typically responded to within 5 business days. In extenuating circumstances, a further appeal may be made to the Mitacs Scientific Director.