Before You Apply


1. If applicable, send Conflict of interest (COI) and not-for-profit (NFP) organization eligibility check to a Mitacs Business Development representative in your region

2. Connect with a Mitacs Business Development representative in your region to start your application

3. Check the eligibility of the student or postdoctoral fellow, academic supervisor and partner organization

a. If you are collaborating with a not-for-profit, hospital, or municipality, you must seek partner and project eligibility approval before proceeding by connecting with a Mitacs Business Development representative in your region 

4. If you have a potential conflict of interest (COI): 

a. If you are uncertain if you have COI, please consult the Mitacs Conflict of Interest Policy or connect with a Mitacs Business Development representative in your region to discuss

b. Students and postdoctoral fellow COI: Submit completed Mitacs Intern Eligibility and Conflict of Interest Declaration Form (doc) to your Mitacs Business Development representative for review

c. Academic supervisor COI: Bring this to your academic institution's attention and include in your final application the information below (you may use your academic institution’s form or Mitac’s Academic Institution Acknowledgement template) (doc): 

  • Details on academic supervisor’s involvement with non-academic partner organization
  • Evidence that the academic supervisor’s academic institution is aware of the conflict
  • A description of the academic institution's mitigation measures
  • If your academic institution’s mitigation measures include the appointment of an independent administer, please complete the Independent Administrator Profile form (doc). 


How to apply

1. Review the following information when you begin writing your proposal:

2. Get feedback on the proposal from all participants and your Mitacs Business Development representative

3. Collect all required signatures: intern(s), professor(s), partner contact, and university Office of Research Services or equivalent

4. Email your proposal package to your Mitacs Business Development representative

Note: Interns travelling internationally (whether to or from Canada) for an Accelerate project must visit our Accelerate International page for additional instructions and requirements.


  Accelerate proposal [zip]. Please note that only this latest version of the Mitacs Accelerate template proposal will be accepted.

  Intern CV (interns may use Mitacs's optional template [doc])

Please be sure to include supporting documents as required by your university or province.

For projects with international travel, you can submit the following documents after the submission of the proposal; however, funds will not be released until Mitacs receives these forms.

For travel abroad: 

International pre-departure form
Code of Conduct

For travel to Canada: 

International pre-departure form
Code of Conduct



What happens next 


  1. Peer review of your proposal will take approximately six to eight weeks. Proposals with multiple internships or that require revisions may take longer.
  2. Partner organizations will receive an invoice (refundable if not approved), so that the intern receives payment when the project begins
  3. Mitacs will contact all participants with the outcome and applicable instructions.
  4. Mitacs forwards the Accelerate funds to the academic institution upon receipt of the partner contribution and the proposal’s approval. 


Application timeline



Questions? Consult the FAQ or reach out to