2nd Generation Smartwatch Concept Development


Allerta is a brand new consumer electronics design firm, focused solely on creating cutting edge mobile accessories that mesh seamlessly with Smartphone’s and a mobile lifestyle. Allerta is currently working on the second generation of its flagship product, inPulse – a wristwatch that connects wirelessly to a Smartphone allowing the user to view important alerts and messages right on their wrist. In its commitment to providing cutting edge elegant design of its smartwatch, Allerta has recruited the help of the Advanced Interface Design Lab (AIDL), who specializes in advanced techniques for developing highly usable interfaces.  For this project, AIDL has proposed to run 2 concept generation cycles.  These cycles will begin by developing brand new ideas for the smartwatch using digital media, while taking an in-depth look at the latest trends in mobile technology, industrial design, fashion and experimental technology.  This research and development material will be fed into two focus group think-tank sessions attended by experts in the fields of engineering, business, architecture, and industrial design.  Each of the 2 focus group think-tank sessions will use participatory design methods intended provide the intern and Allerta with insights leading to two medium fidelity interface design prototypes and usage scenarios that may enter the hardware and software design stages in the Fall of 2010.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Catherine Burns


Adam Euerby




Engineering - other


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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