A modular re-configurable robot for real time MR image guided applications

Minimally invasive techniques are used for a wide variety of procedures in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Many procedures require insertion of a needle along a straight-line path to the site of the disease. Real-time magnetic resonance (MR) imaging offers the means to visualize the needle relative to a small target lesion and avoid sensitive anatomical structures throughout the procedure. However, operating within the tight space of the MR machine remains very challenging. This project focuses on developing a robot that can be safely operated within the strong magnetic field of the MR while ensuring accurate placement of the needle tip within 1mm of the target. The robot will enable both user-driven and robot-driven needle insertion for direct comparison of the two techniques. Through this project, Siemens Canada will gain potential personnel to facilitate emerging research and design projects on Siemens’ products in the field of medical robotics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Weersink


Amanda Aleong


Siemens Healthcare Ltd.


Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices




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