A wireless ring pulse oximeter with advanced signal processing

Pulse oximeters are key devices to provide early information on the respiratory and circulatory systems. In addition to be bulky and cumbersome, most commercially available systems lack a wireless connection, which cause numerous inconveniences. This project aims at designing a new wireless ring pulse oximeter which will enable to measure transmitted and reflected light from several locations around the finger to increase the quality of signal and gain more flexibility while improving comfort and ease of use. In addition to contribute to improve healthcare of Canadians, the envisioned technology will accelerate pre-competitive development of a promising technology that will give Oxy’nov Inc. an edge for capturing the huge emerging market of smart medical devices with a unique product. Finally, this project will give an intern a unique opportunity to advance his design skills, and will provide him with a relevant industrial experience in the area of biomedical engineering.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benoit Gosselin


Alireza Avakh Kisomi




Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


Université Laval



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