Active children today, healthy adults tomorrow: Getting serious about physical activity and physical literacy in our schools

As the intern, I will be taking on specific components of this evaluation as my own research contribution. These select components form the research project for which we are seeking Mitacs funding. Specifically, this research project, as a component of the overarching evaluation, will examine: 1) the role, bringing together their perspectives on implementation facilitators, barriers and contributions of partnerships in the development and implementation of the SPA-PL project and 2) the effectiveness of the key capacity-building component – Summer Institute – and the overall impact on pre and in-service teachers’ knowledge, confidence and physical activity-related practices.

The interim work and findings from this project will help the Childhood Obesity Foundation achieve their mission by increasing physical literacy and physical activity opportunities within the school day. The resulting data will inform provincial scale-up and be used to enhance future childhood obesity prevention and management programs.

Faculty Supervisor:

LeAnne Petherick;Guy Faulkner;Anthony Clarke


Stephen McGinley


Childhood Obesity Foundation




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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