Advanced Image-guided Therapy Software for Image-guided Focused Ultrasound Research with Integrated Data Curation for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Focused Ultrasound (FUS) is a therapeutic modality that can concentrate mechanical energy far from its source in just a few cubic millimetres. There is a significant number of studies investigating the use of FUS as a therapeutic option for multiples diseases, with an emphasis on oncology and brain disorders. While machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming compelling research tools in many areas, the use of ML+AI has remained elusive for FUS research. In collaboration with the company FUS Instruments (Toronto, ON), the goal of this research is to expand the capabilities of our software platform for the control of FUS devices to integrate highly curated data collection, which is fundamental for an effective ML+AI processing, and also to improve the quality of FUS based experimentation. We will also adapt our Proteus platform to drive the RK300 Magnetic Resonance image (MRI)-guided FUS (MRgFUS) system from FUS Instruments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Samuel Pichardo


Aidan Johnson


FUS Instruments


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Calgary



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