Advancing Visualization for Mobile E-Commerce Clickstream Data

We propose to design and build an advanced visual analytics tool to support the analysis of large-scale e-commerce datasets. This data is generated by software platforms that collect information about the performance of e-commerce systems, consumer behaviour, and messages sent by retailers to consumers. Current e-commerce tools provide only simple overview statistics because of the scale and complexity of this data, but more sophisticated analysis could lead to much more effective strategies for e-commerce engagement. Our new system will help data analysts drill down into this dense sea of data and discover successful patterns or understand previously unknown obstacles to customer satisfaction. Insights received from using the tool will help our industrial partner Mobify make vital decisions towards the growth and improvement of their e-commerce platform, and our own insights from observing how the tools is used will feed back into improved design guidelines for the visualization research community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tamara Munzner


Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino


Mobify Research and Development Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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