Against the Grain: The nutritional impact of dietary gluten avoidance in the Canadian population

Celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, wheat allergies and dietary gluten avoidance for other reasons appear to be on the rise in Canada. However, prior to the recently released Canadian Community Health Survey, there has never been an opportunity to investigate dietary gluten avoidance using recent, representative survey data collected throughout Canada. It is important to know the burden of gluten avoidance in Canada and who is affected to advocate for resources. This project will examine estimated nutrient intakes using 24-hour dietary recall data of those adhering to a gluten-free diet (GFD) from a nationally representative sample of Canadians. The outcomes of this study will allow us to describe the potential for nutritional deficiencies among Canadians who adhere to a GFD. This is an opportunity to provide a benchmark by which future studies can assess changes in gluten avoidance in the Canadian population over time using future Canadian survey data. This study will also provide a framework for change and initiatives in the food environment in response to how people following a GFD eat, and what challenges they may face.

Faculty Supervisor:

Natalie Riediger


Adriana Mudryj


Canadian Celiac Associaion


Food science


Life sciences


University of Manitoba



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