Alternative management of pulp and paper mill sludge: a cost-effective solution to generate carbon offsets – Year Two

Pulp and paper mill sludge (PPMS) is the main organic residual generated from the wastewater treatment of the pulp and paper industry. In Quebec’s province, an annual amount of 400 000 tons of PPMS are landfilled. Pilot scale measurements in 2013-2014 indicated that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from landfilling were the highest compared to agricultural or energy uses. This project aims to (1) quantify the GHG emissions from PPMS landfilling, at the industrial scale, and (2) define the bases that will be used for building a new offset credit protocol promoting an alternative management, diverting PPMS from landfilling. The alternative PPMS management would allow paper mills to exchange offset credits in the carbon market, representing a minimum annual gain of 1 M$. This gain could be higher based the carbon price trends. Offset credits could also be used to respect the carbon cap fixed by the government, being economically attractive.

Faculty Supervisor:

Claude Villeneuve


Patrick Faubert





Environmental industry




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