An analysis of Delivra LivSport PreWorkout Cream combined with oral creatine to improve muscular performance and alter arterial stiffness

Creatine is a supplement known to improve performance over repeated high intensity exercise, seen in most sports. Typical creatine supplementation involves ingesting large amounts of the supplement, leading to side effects of weight gain and GI distress. Delivra™has formulated a new way to supplement creatine through a topical cream applied to the legs, which can potentially eliminate these side effects. This research will test this new creatine cream compared to oral ingestion to determine if it can improve high intensity performance, by generating more power and reducing fatigue. It will also research how this new method of creatine supplementation can improve vascular health associated with high intensity exercise. This will benefit Delivra™, as this product may be a new method by which athletes can supplement to improve in their sport as well as improve health of certain at risk populations who participate in exercise.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jamie Burr


Katelynn Donahoe


Delivra Corp


Food science


Life sciences




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