An Enhanced Multifunctional Battery Energy Storage System for Energy Management and Power Quality Improvement

Canada is becoming an international leader in energy storage systems. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are one of the key parts of the storage landscape and can serve a wide range of applications across the electricity supply chain. The focus of this research is on the application of BESS in mitigating power quality issues in industrial facilities. To further enhance the value proposition of BESS, novel methods will be proposed for allowing BESS to provide multiple supplementary functionalities such as energy management solutions to their host industrial facility, in addition to their contribution to power quality improvement. Hence, this research aims to develop an enhanced BESS configuration, and to further develop its systematic design and sizing procedure and its transient operation assessment. A scaled-down BESS experimental setup will be constructed for testing and verifying the performance of the proposed BESS. The proposed BESS with its novel configuration and multifunctional control capability will enable our industrial partner eCAMION Inc. to fully understand the needs and requirements for their battery storage solutions and to expand their potential market by enhancing the value proposition of their product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bala Venkatesh


Omid Alizadeh


Ryerson University


Engineering - computer / electrical






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