An innovative antimicrobial packaging to control Campylobacter jejuni in raw poultry meat

Campylobacter bacteria are the leading cause of human gastrointestinal diseases globally and have been frequently identified from raw poultry products. Campylobacter is prevalent in the entire poultry processing facility. Food packaging is one of the last steps in food processing to ensure that the food products are contained and delivered in the best condition. Selective metal oxide nanoparticles are regarded as safe and stable antimicrobials that can inactivate bacteria frequently identified in the agri-food systems. In this project, we will test the antimicrobial effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on Campylobacter bacteria and then incorporate these into packaging material to inactivate this microaerobic bacterium in raw chicken meat. Such a functionalized packaging material will be regarded as a novel intervention strategy to reduce poultry contamination by this microbe.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaonan Lu;Yixiang Wang


Luyao Ma


Canadian Poultry Research Council


Food science




McGill University



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