Analysis of rutin content in asparagus cultivars for the development of value‐added products

Asparagus contains rutin, a falconoid associated with anti‐carcinogenic properties and decreased cholesterol and heart disease. Ontario growers could benefit from value‐added or ‘branded’ asparagus products that can be marketed based on the health benefits of rutin, for example, fresh product in grocery stores, or asparagus flour as a supplement in bread and pasta, made from discards or seconds. The Guelph Millennium hybrid, developed at the University of Guelph, was found to contain the highest rutin levels among international cultivars in Japan. In order to exploit the human health benefits of this Ontario‐bred cultivar and develop products, rutin must be characterized in local conditions. Research will be conducted to determine seasonal variation, correlations with spear size, and distribution patterns within a spear for rutin concentrations. Postharvest effects on rutin in stored spears and dried asparagus flour will also be assessed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Wolyn


Olivier Stoffyn


Ontario Asparagus Grower’s Marketing Board


Food science




University of Guelph



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