Annual survey of Ontario’s publicly funded education system

Over the past 15 years, People for Education has conducted a survey of Ontario’s publicly funded schools. From this large-scale survey, People for Education produces research reports on public education in Ontario that are widely disseminated to the public and have been instrumental to informing educational policy in the province. The core objectives of this year’s survey are to examine school staffing levels, school access to specialists, school-community partnerships, and the extent of implementation of provincial mandates in career and life planning, English language learning, and special education. For this survey, the intern will analyze responses to the survey and provide the results to People for Education. The intern will also write research reports for public consumption on the results from the survey. By employing the intern, People for Education will improve its ability to analyze and write about its annual survey.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Davies


Daniel Hamlin


People for Education






University of Toronto



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