Antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory bowel diseases effect of hemp seeds grown in Canada

Hemp seed is a super fruit because its bioactive compounds have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capabilities. Hemp seeds have the potential as a food therapy to reduce inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). In this project, we will collect hemp seeds from 20 hemp cultivars grown in different provinces in Canada. Antioxidant capacities of hemp seeds will be determined by using different chemical assays. Selective hemp seeds of different levels of antioxidant capacities will be used to investigate the anti-IBD effect using both in vitro ?gut-on-a-chip? platform and in vivo mouse model. This study can provide the insight to the medical significance of whole hemp seeds and demonstrate its innovative applications in the agri-food industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaonan Lu


Zhilong Yu


Pacific West Canopy


Food science




University of British Columbia



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