Application of spent hen adhesive for engineered wood products

In the egg industry, as the hens are at the end of their productive lives they are of little economic value to the farmers and seen as a by-product or a waste which require disposal. Disposal of spent hens is a long-existing liability to the egg industry for paying associated cost of handling, transportation and disposal. Therefore finding alternate methods and new use is highly desirable to increase the profitability of the poultry industry. Our previous study has resulted in a propriety method of preparing adhesives from spent hens; the overall objectives of the project are to adhesive preparation and to test its applicability in engineered wood products at pilot scale. The current proposed application is essential to help translate the technology into a precommercial application through pilot scale adhesive preparation and application. Outcome of this research will be helpful in improving economic return to the egg farmers through value addition to their waste materials, and Canadian Poultry Research Council will have the benefit to aid farmers in providing sustainable solutions to their existing problems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jianping Wu


Nandika Bandara


Alberta Chicken Producers


Food science


Environmental industry


University of Alberta



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