Applying visual analytics to effect real-time decision making in manufacturing environments

Along with industry partners, including NGrain, Convergent Manufacturing and Boeing, we are proposing to develop state-of-the-art visualization and interactive techniques for exploring sensor and manufacturing component data, in-situ. Through a combination of user research and user-centered design techniques, this project proposes the development of a technical demonstrator of a mobile manufacturing job aid as the foundation for evaluating the usability and effectiveness of novel 2D and 3D visual analytics techniques that could be suitable for use as a decision-support aid in a real-world manufacturing environment with end users who constitute a broad range of roles and skill sets. The expected outcome involves the design of novel interactive visualizations for temporal sensor datasets generated by Convergent for objects manufactured by Boeing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pourang Irani


William Delamare


NGRAIN Corporation


Computer science


Aerospace and defense


University of Manitoba



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