Augmented Guidance Navigation and Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Sense and Avoid is a capability that is required by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to ensure that they do not enter into collision with other manned and unmanned aircraft. Obstacle avoidance of stationary objects is an important first step toward building Sense and Avoid systems. For stationary objects, after the object has been detected and its location has been determined, it is necessary to plan a path around the object, using a path planner, a key component of obstacle avoidance. For moving objects, detection can be more difficult and it also is necessary to predict the object’s trajectory, before using a path planner to calculate a path that will avoid a collision with the object. Sense and Avoid is an enabling technology that will be required for future (UAV) operations that take place beyond the line of sight of the pilot-in-command, and will be needed for many UAV applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rene Jr Landry


Rafik Chennouf


Pegasus Research and Technologies


Engineering - other


Aerospace and defense




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