Bacterial biofilms – Phytochemicals, efflux pumps and food safety applications

The partner organization is designing novel dispensing equipment for liquid products to be used by quick-service restaurants. A food safety concern related to the R&D of this equipment is the potential health hazards associated with the formation of bacterial biofilms within the dispensing system. Biofilms are complex bacterial communities that grow on surfaces contacting liquids. The risk for consumers is that these biofilms could shelter practices to remove biofilms will be established. Because bacteria within biofilms are resistant to conventional disinfectants, non-conventional antimicrobials derived from plants (like essential oils) will be used. The partner organization will benefit from the practical applications of plant antimicrobials, not only in biofilm removal and the safe operation of the dispensing equipment, but also in the improved detection of pathogens.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rafael Garduno


Alexa Jollimore


AC Dispensing Equipment Inc


Food science


Advanced manufacturing




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