Barley Flour: Chemical Composition, Effect of Enzymatic Treatment on Flavor Interaction, and its Application in High Protein Food Products

The main objective of this research study is to investigate the potential of proteins from barley as functional ingredients and to study their interactions with some selected flavors. Three specific objectives will be addressed throughout this project. Barley protein will be isolated and qualified, including determining its functionality properties (ex. emulsification, foaming), and the effects of protein profiles (barley proteins, other control proteins) and their forms (native, enzymatic hydrolysates), on the protein/flavor interactions and the overall acceptance (in terms of the sensory properties) of a selected high-protein product will be investigated. Optimization of the flavor profile of a selected high-protein product while incorporating barley protein. This projects presents an opportunity for Bariatrix Nutrition Inc to have an edge in terms of understanding barley protein and direct implementation into its products. Moreover, a comparison of proteins and their flavor interaction can improve formulation in terms of increasing flavor shelf life in their wide array of products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Salwa Karboune


Marika Houde


Bariatrix Nutrition Inc.


Food science




McGill University



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