Bioactive peptides and joint inflammatory response after in vitro human digestion of collagen hydrolysate

Genacol Canada Corporation Inc. manufactures a bovine-sourced hydrolyzed collagen supplement (Genacol® Original Formula), which has shown efficacy in two separate clinical trials for reducing joint pain. Following digestion, hydrolyzed collagen yields amino acids and peptides that can lead to the health promoting properties of the supplement. However, the specific identity and mechanisms of action of the peptide and amino acids produced from the digestion of the Genacol collagen hydrolysate that support joint health is unclear. Our proposed study aims to identify the bioactivity of the peptides and amino acids generated from digestion Genacol collagen hydrolysate using a dynamic simulated gut digestion model together with human intestinal, liver and cartilage cell cultures. This approach will help to ascertain the bioactive components contributing towards the health promoting properties of the Genacol collagen supplement and will aid in the development of more concentrated and potent hydrolyzed collagen products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stan Kubow


Christina Larder


Genacol Canada Corporation Inc


Food science






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