Braiding new possibilities for co-existence: holding spaces for difficult conversations

This project uses social cartography as its main methodological and collaborative tool to map practices that enable or hinder successful collaborations in spaces of socially engaged art between members of various communities in historic dissonance. These include artists from Indigenous and other racialized communities. More specifically, this project explores the potentials of post-representational uses of social cartography, as forms of “cognitive art” that are socially engaged in ways that challenge dominant forms of representation and agenda setting. The partner organisation in this project, the Musagetes Foundation, is supporting many projects of socially engaged art and this project will produce collaborative cartographies with the supported artists that will model the creation of spaces of encounter that are inclusive, open and rigorous. The process will be documented and reported in scholarly articles and reports available via Musagetes ArtsEverywhere website to other audiences and organizations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vanessa Andreotti


Rene Su?a


Musagetes Foundation








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