Caffeine, genetic variation and athletic performance

Caffeine is among the most widely consumed performance enhancing substance used by athletes at all levels. However, studies that have investigated the effects of caffeine on athletic performance report inconsistent findings and the role of an individual’s genetic make-up in influencing how a person processes caffeine is becoming increasingly important. As a result, there is a need for a properly designed study to determine the effects of caffeine at varying doses on athletic performance that considers whether genetic variation modifies any of caffeine’s effects. There is currently no genetic test for athletes that provides actionable advice based on any aspect of nutrition and athletic performance. This project will result in the creation of such a genetic test for caffeine advice, which will directly benefit the partner organization, Nutrigenomix Inc., a developer of genetic tests for personalized nutrition that aims to become the leading provider of personalized nutrition information.

Faculty Supervisor:

Greg Wells


Nanci Guest


Nutrigenomix Inc.


Food science


Life sciences


University of Toronto



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