Characterization of Boiler Fly Ash to Match Producers with Beneficial End Uses

Many mills are currently using biomass (hog fuel, bark, sawdust, demolition waste etc.) for heat and electricity generation due to its greenhouse gas neutral status. The combustion of such feedstock generates ash residues the properties of which vary widely with the properties of feedstock and the boiler operating conditions. As such, majority of the ash generated in Canada is currently landfilled. The proposed project aims to characterize ash from various sources and match ash properties with the requirements of the beneficial end uses, such as cement replacement in the construction industry, soil amendment, forest/rural road ingredient and as a source material to recover saleable/useable products. The partner organizations, BC Pulp and Paper Bioproducts Alliance member mills, will benefit from the mill-specific ash utilization opportunities identified through this research. The mills will be able to market ash and ash-derived products while helping towards eliminating the old and deep rooted landfilling practice.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sumi Siddiqua


Abu Sayed Md. Kamal



Engineering - other






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