Characterization of the colloidal properties of concentrated casein micelles and improvement of the functionality of concentrated milk products using membrane filtration – Year 2

Whey proteins in milk are detrimental to the rennet-induced coagulation of milk. In this project, we will use microfiltration membrane technique to concentrate the milk and to remove whey proteins. A process called diafiltration (DF) will also be used to further remove whey proteins by adding water to the MF concentrated milk and then filtered. MF and MF-DF milk have different whey protein contents and ionic concentration, which will change the coagulation behaviour of milk. The objective of this project is to investigate the influence of MF and MF-DF milk on the textural and sensory properties of cheese products when they are used as ingredients. The project is expected to improve the yield and structure of current cheese products. Moreover, the company can increase its competitiveness by selling liquid concentrated milk as material compared to traditional milk powders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Arthur Hill


Zhengtao Zhao


University of Guelph


Food science






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