Characterization of the colloidal properties of concentrated casein micelles and improvement of the functionality of concentrated milk products using membrane filtration

The project aims at obtaining new ingredients from concentrated milk, and understanding how changes in their physical and chemical properties may affect their functionality. Membrane filtration processes are widespread in the dairy industry and they are all based on physical separation of the components because of their size. During these processes, the protein particles in milk become concentrated and the physical properties and composition of the concentrates will change. We are proposing to study how such systems may be stabilized and used as ingredients in the dairy industry. This project will be carried out in partnership with Gay Lea Foods Co-Operative Ltd, the largest cooperative in Ontario, with more than 1200 farmers. In the project, we will study how to concentrate fresh milk and obtain ingredients easier to transport with tailored functionality. The design of liquid ingredients will allow Ontario to compete against powder imports.

Faculty Supervisor:

Arthur Hill


Zhengtao Zhao


University of Guelph


Food science




University of Guelph



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