Characterizing the sensory attributes of red and white wheat, their brans and whole grain products made using red or white wheats

Red wheat is the more predominant wheat grown in Ontario. However, red wheats impart an off]flavour to products when used in whole wheat formulations. The food industry is moving towards developing a whole portfolio of whole wheat products in order to provide a healthier alternative to consumers. However, issues related to the sensory characteristics of these products have to be addressed first. There is a paucity of research on the subject of the sensory attributes of red wheats compared to white wheats; what is the nature of off]taste, what are the reasons for these; is the sensory attribute different based on the particle size of the bran, etc. This internship is the first step to establish clearly the nature of the sensory attributes and its perception by consumers. The knowledge gained hereby will lead to developing strategies to formulate whole grain products with improved sensory and textural attributes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lisa Duizer


Carolyn Challacombe


Kraft Canada Inc.


Food science


Consumer goods


University of Guelph



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