Characterizing the sensory properties of whole wheat pasta for use in macaroni and cheese


There are growing trends of companies producing foods that are made from whole wheat because of their abundance in B vitamins, dietary fibre, and essential fatty acids. They also possess polyphenols that reportedly have effect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A drawback to using whole wheat in breads and pastas is a change in appearance, flavour, and texture, which may decrease consumer acceptability. This research is crucial for food companies wishing to reformulate their products as they must ensure that the use of whole wheat in their formulations does not significantly alter the sensory properties of their product. The ensuing research will look at the sensory properties of macaroni in Kraft Dinner that is made from a variety of wheats. A trained panel will establish the sensory attributes of the whole wheat pasta, which will then be followed by the testing of products with a consumer panel.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr.Lisa Duizer/ Dr. Koushik Seetharaman


Ryan West


Kraft Canada Inc.


Food science


Consumer goods


University of Guelph



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