Children’s Treatment Centre Design Standard

Children’s treatment centres provide specialized services to support children and youth with special needs to live life at their full potential. The design of these spaces significantly impacts the experience and well-being of the children that they serve. Children with special needs include individuals with challenges or delays in their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, verbal, and/or behavioural development. Therefore, it is important to consider the characteristic behaviour and the particular way of sense-making of children with special needs, and how these factors influence their spatial experience and interaction with the environment. This research project will seek to understand how interior and exterior spaces, including the physical, ambient, and navigational features of those spaces, might improve a child and their family’s experience and well-being.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maya Desai;Peter Coppin


Pui Yee Nikkie To


Grandview Kids




Health care and social assistance


OCAD University



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